About Us

We have earned the reputation of a pharmacy that will take care of any challenges and provide best service.

Best Care Pharmacy is family owned and operated independent pharmacy that thrives in taking care of our valued customers-one at a time. we provide fast, friendly & exceptional customer service through a staff that is properly trained & professional.

We accept Medi-Cal, Medicare and most third party prescription insurances.

While most pharmacies have become impersonal, we continually strive to offer personal attention. Our customers are greeted every time they visit and treated like family. We are always available to answer questions and to discuss medication concerns.

Choose Best Care Pharmacy for right medicines on time, every time. It is our pleasure to assist you. Please call us at 760-440-0550 for any questions or concerns.

Our Pharmacist

Ankit Vaghasiya, Rph

Pharmacist Ankit Vaghasiya is a graduate of India and has a complete knowledge of Title 22 regulations. Along with his wife and family, Best Care Pharmacy provides pharmaceutical service to the Residential Care Facilities and other in the Ramona City.

 He is always striving to bring the customers the things they may need, and to help them to understand and have knowledge about their pharmaceutical needs. Even on the busiest of days, Ankit always has time for customers. He is very understanding and will try to help in any way he can to ensure that you get the things you need to keep you healthy.